April Meeting

Good evening,

  For Aprils’ meeting there is a change.  We will have to postpone the T-Tunic class until farther notice.  Instead we will be doing Lady Jacques jewelry making class.  For this months meeting please bring something to share, for example cheese, crackers, bread…..  We will have a snack together and then do our class.

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Lady Sabyn

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March 6th, Shire Meeting

Good Morning, Good Gentles,
Next Sunday the 6th of March is out next Shire Meeting. We are going to have a great meeting this month, Lady Jacques will be doing a class on jewelry making. You will get to make something and take it home. I’m rather excited to do the class.

Now looking ahead in April we will be doing a T-Tunic class. Lady Gwenth will be teaching us how to make a simple T-Tunic. I will post the supplies list as soon as I locate it.

I hope to see everyone dressed in garb and ready to learn something new and enjoy each others company.


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Shire Meeting this Sunday reminders


I just wanted to remind folks of our meeting this Sunday at 1pm. Yes, I do know that it is Superbowl, but we have lots of things to attend to. So, first of all don’t forget to bring cookies to share. Second of all, please come dressed in garb. Third of all, please bring some kind of writing utensil, we will be doing some writing.

I hope to see everyone there!


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February Shire Meeting on February 7th.


For this months’ meeting, we will be doing a class on how to do award recommendations. I will have copies of the form that we fill out to do these, so that everyone can practice and then even write a few while we are together. So don’t worry if you don’t know all the information, I can give that to you.
Also this month I would everyone to bring some kind of cookie that they like to make, to share with the rest of us. A variety of teas or warm drinks will be provided.
Lastly I am working on a running calendar for the year, I have looked at all the suggestions that were given to me and have started compiling a list and putting things on the calendar. If you have suggestions or want to teach a class please let me know.

In Service to the Dream,
Lady Sabyn Edwards

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Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to post a quick note regarding our website. We are working on trying to get it updated. We have new officers and new info to post, so please bare with us. Thank you!!

If you need to speak with someone right away you may contact me at javamfg@yahoo.com or at 970-946-8841.

Thank you,

Lady Sabyn Edwards
Seneschal of the Shire of Rio de las Animas Perdidas

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Directions to Rio Defender 2015

Here are directions to Defender:

Chris Park Campground 900 Chris Park Rd, Durango, CO 81301

· From the south, take your best route to Durango. Take Hwy 550 north, approximately 20 miles from downtown then turn right on CR 671 (Haviland Lake Road). At the T-intersection, turn right onto Chris Park Road, continue on that road to the site.

· From the north, turn left onto CR 671 (Haviland Lake Road) approximately 7 miles south of Durango Mountain Resort. At the T-intersection, turn right onto Chris Park Road and continue on that road to the site.

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Rio Defender

Rio Defender July 10-12 2015

Event Stewards: Sir Gareth Lightborn (brian.marshall.vet@gmail.com)
Lady Sabyn Edwards (javamfg@yahoo.com)

Site fee: Adult $15, Child (12-4) $5, Children (3 and under) Free
Feast: Adult $10, Child (12-4) $5, Children (3 and under) Free
NMS $5
Feast is limited to 150 people.
Make checks payable to “SCA Inc- Rio de las Animas

Greetings! Eighteen years ago, in a much younger Kingdom, a small group of friends gathered for a day of fighting, feasting and fun. Thus the traditions of our shire began. Come all and help us celebrate the days past, when great contests were fought at the Silver Pass with rapier, arrow, sword and mead. Come all to our beautiful mountain site to help us forge new memories that will be told as tales of glory in the years to come...

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Four Corners TV spot

Our spot on 4 Corners TV http://4cornerstv.com/channel/in-the-neighborhood/chivalry-is-not-dead#.U8g8V_ldWZk

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May Shire Meeting


  Here we are again, the weather is nice and there is a longing for the fresh air and lots of good company!!!  With that said we are going to have a blanket picnic on the lawn, if the weather is bad then we will have it indoors.  So bring a blanket and dress in garb and some food to share with the others.  It will be lots of fun and of course we will discuss business and then Lady Jacques will be doing her class on Easter eggs.  Then who know maybe some fighting or archery!!

So come one and all and enjoy a great day together!

Lady Sabyn

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April Shire Meeting


I can’t believe that another month is here already.  This month’s meeting will be full of new information and some fun on the side.  With that being said, here is a quick outline of our meeting.

First- there will be items up for sale and I know that there are many cool treasure to be found.  So please bring your money and snag yourself a treasure or two.

Second- In the meeting we will be discussing Defender and other events that are no longer Kingdom event and what we might want to do in the future.

Thirdly- Sir Tam will be here at the meeting to talk with us about the recent talk of splitting the Kingdom.  He has been appointed to the Kingdom panel and would like to hear what we think of this matter and then take it back to the Kingdom Panel.

If for some reason that you ca...

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